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At Just Dance Academy there is something for everyone! From little ones to college level. we have classes to suit a variety of interests and ability levels. Our professional faculty provides complete and personalized dance training to both the recreational dancer as well as the serious student who is looking for intensive training. If you have any questions about our classes please do not hesitate to ask! 


Introduction to ballet. These classes will help your child's ability to follow directions while expanding their imaginations. In addition students learn basic dance positions and steps.


Tap is all about rhythm and style! this exciting type of dance is executed by creating combinations of sounds with the shoes on your feet.




Jazz is a stylized, high energy form of dance. It includes a variety of different skills and technical aspects, and is paired with popular and upbeat music. Students focus on strength, technique, memorization, and terminology. JDA also offers Latin Jazz.


Pointe is offered to those students who have mastered the knowledge and technique of ballet and are ready for the next level. Strength and control are extremely important in this dance form. instructor approval is necessary.​​


This high energy technique class is a jazz focused class infused with Latin flare. This class incorporates styles from Ballroom to Hip Hop. Dancers learn to their basic technique skills while learning about dance from all over the world.


An expressive dance style that blends ballet and jazz. Generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not as fast as jazz. Lyrical expresses strong emotions such as love, joy, and sympathy.


Hip Hop is the current style most frequently seen on television and music videos. Movements are fast, funky, and upbeat. This jazz based street style can develop, coordination, agility, musicality, and rhythm.



Contemporary dance incorporates various methods and styles of movement which are unique to the instructors creative background and training.


Ballet technique is the foundation for all dance. It teaches proper placement, alignment, balance, and control. Students focus on improving placement at the barre and in center work.


This class is specifically focused on dance technique. Dancers work on strength to take their skills to the next level. Dancers work on leaps, turns, jumps and tricks to excel in their classes.

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