just dance academy instructors

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Ms. Luisa

Assistant Director
Ms. Luisa has been dancing for 10 years and assistant teaching for 6 years. She is a veteran dancer and was captain of the Snead State Dance team in 2019-. Ms.Luisa is JDA's main assistant instructor and can be found teaching with Mrs.Lexy, or her own classes.

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Mrs. Emily

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Ms. Alexy

Mrs. Alexy has been dancing for 25 years and teaching for 14 years. She has trained for dance in college and professionally.
Mrs. Alexy  teaches many levels and classes at JDA. From our 3 year old Twinkle Toes class to our Company teams, you can always find Ms.Alexy dancing!

Mrs. Michelle

Dance teacher / Company choreographer
Ms. Michelle has been teaching for
24 years. She was the dance instructor for the Albertville High School Dance Line, as well as the JDA advanced level teacher. You can find her teaching our advanced jazz, lyrical and ballet classes as well as choreographing for our company contemporary team. 


Elizabeth Burgess

Dance Teacher
 Ms. Emily has been dancing for 22 years and teaching for 4 years. She studied dance and theater and graduated from Auburn University. Mrs. Emily has years of training and can be found teaching some of our jazz, hip hop, and lyrical classes.

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Mrs. Hannah

Dance teacher 
Ms. Hanna has been teaching for
over 10 years. She was the dance coach for the Snead State Dance Team for 4 years. Ms. Hannah has trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Pom. You can find her teaching our mini and junior jazz classes!

Dance Fitness Instructor
Elizabeth is our certified Dance 2 Fit instructor. She has been dancing for for over 15 years, and started her dance business in 2018. She offers a fun, and exciting way to incorporate workouts through dance. You can find her and her journey on facebook
@BFIT with Lizz

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Mrs. Katie

Dance teacher 
Ms. Katie started her dance career at a very young age. She is trained in multiple styles of dance such as; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Pointe. You can find Katie teaching our classical Ballet classes!